Monday, March 21, 2011

Yummy Enough to Wear?

I hope everyone had a restful weekend...I think it could have been a little bit longer though! However, over the weekend I rediscovered (by going through all of my read emails) some really cute & fun handmade rings. They are for those special occasions or just when you want to add a little "spice" or "sweetness" to your outfit.

These rings are designed by SouZou Creations in Japan & can be bought online from Etsy, at a cost varying from $8 to $20. The rings are on a silver tone adjustable band that fits most sizes, they even carry a few sizes for children. They make the rings out of many types of plastic, metal, glass, & ceramic.

Also, if you are interested they sell earrings too!

Children Size

I think the designs (they should really be called artwork!) are worth the price & probably the wait. The rings are highly original & are very detailed, right down to the decorated bottles and plates! What do you think? A little too much or just the cutest accessories ever?

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