Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool Bathroom Ideas!

Sometimes we neglect our bathrooms a little too long, but with these jewels who would want to even leave their bathrooms?! I think these are some cool ideas for not only hotels, but your bathrooms as well!

Enjoy the candies!

water saver style design that only lets you use i liter per wash via dornob

curved, simple sink design by kanera

curved bathroom sink with mosaic tile by skin lago

beautiful vanity basin by omvivo

stern mccafferty tub

word custom ceramic tiles by pun tile

peace & love,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Arrives!

Whether it is the coming rain that will drop temperatures or the fact that the football is starting, the inkling beginnings of fall are in the air. Though we may be slightly reluctant to say goodbye to laid back warm summer days, fall brings a new beginning & a chance to turn inward a little, nestle down, & nurture ourselves. Some cultures even see fall as the beginning of things, when kernels of who we will blossom into next are planted.

As the cooler weather approaches, begin the steps now to create warmth in your home & in your apparel:

Whether through candles spread throughout or a roaring fireplace, add a low glow to your home that will warm up the atmosphere during darker days.

Add warmer colors (reds, oranges, yellows) found in nature this time of year. Then pair the colors with neutrals like beiges & browns. You can even try to add natural greens & plums to your outfits for a pop of color during these cooler months.

Set out a stack of blankets, hang soft wool sweaters in a hallway for quick bundling up, & add layers to your own bed linens for burrowing down.

When bundling up to go out, do the same & add different, thicker textures like wool, leather, or wooden accessories so you can feel the warmth against your skin & add dimension to your outfits.

STOCK YOUR KITCHEN. There's nothing like comfort foods in the fall & winter. Stock glass canisters with bulk items in full view. Set out coffee service for a grab-&-drink any time of the day. Set out a cake platter of freshly-baked scones on the counter & let the aroma fill the house.

And, when the time approaches: there's nothing that says fall like pumpkins & leaves!!!

peace & love,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Road Trip Goodie!

I am going back home this weekend for a friend's wedding & have been packing all my things tonight. I think I could really use this yummy little candy for my travels!

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz

I hope you think this big treat is just as yummy as I think it is! Have a great rest of your week & a wonderful weekend!

peace & love,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Modern Lines & Architecture: A beautiful Pairing

I just wanted to share with you a couple places that are not only beautiful to look at, but really creative & inspirational to boot (yes, to boot) !

These are only a few of my favorite architecture finds. If you want to learn more just ask me & I will share my recipes (links & where I found all these candies)!

Have a wonderful evening!

peace & love,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Color Inspiration #3

Everybody finds color inspiration in different places. From art installations to fashion it is everywhere. Here are a couple things I found that inspired me recently!

Enjoy the colorful candies!

"I am simply looking for beauty, whatever that is - it's nothing that can be explained - only felt. If i find it in a single bowl, or wandering line of pots, good. I am grateful."
-Potter, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Ferney Stairs
Photo Via La Vie LA

Photo via Plethora
Colorful Shutters!
Photo via Plethora
Rebecca Ward art installation all done with tape!

Vancouver Art Gallery

Tennis Dessus 2006
Photo via colorize me

Chrysanthemum by Luc created these large scale originals using his fresco process giving an etheral quality to his work

haute couture photo via La Vie LA

Have a great weekend & go find your own color inspiration that makes your day!

peace & love,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous & Funky Furniture

After combing through modern furniture websites to find just the right pieces for this hotel in Florida, I found some funky furniture treats to share with you along the way! These aren't your usual pieces of furniture. They may not be for your home, but they sure are pretty to look at like yummy candies!

Enjoy this beginning of the three day weekend treat!

Designed by Peter Donders

moya cocktail table by nendo

The Fadeout Chair by Nendo
The legs seem to gently disappear, as though the chair stands in a pool of mist or fog

blood (or paint) red dripping table design
photo via dornob

budda head table & pouf designed by 21st living art
photo via freshome

yori bech by Nendo
When two people sit down, the slightly twisted seat makes the sitters slide towards each other,
bringing them closer together.

the 'Arm' chair via freshome

funky colorful table by alle

armchair made of plywood designed by Daniel Widrig
photo via Captivatist
bench with lighting designed by bdlove

the top of this wooden topographic table slides right onto the same grooves of the sleek base
photo via dornob

The Loren Cocktail Table has a mirror base that reflects the Apollo image that is on the underneath side of the table designed by Roger Thomas for Decours

peace & love,