Saturday, March 26, 2011

Design Gone to the Dogs...

Today I was looking for pet houses online. I don’t know why because Porkchop, our Pointer/Lab Cross Breed 6 month puppy, doesn’t need a dog house…just a dog bed I still haven’t got around to making.

Well, I came across some fabulous alternatives to that boring pet house everyone has seen. Plus, I found some other interesting designs for pets that some of you might want to nab them up for your own pet!

Above three photos are from Sustainable Pet Design.
Sustainable Pet Design combines green design, healthy living, non-toxic paints
and your pet to create this sustainable
Greenrrroof Animal House.

Cubix Dog House designed by Best Friend's Home inspired by the bauhuas style

Both of the two above photos are from Piepod.
These homes aren't just for dogs, they can be for your rabbit, cat, ferret, etc.

Modern homes for your pet. Photo from SomoMag

The two above photos are from Hepper & can be used
as beds or bowls when you take them apart.

Fish Condos from Umbra, now they can live in style!

Doca pet square meal bowls, photo from Six Different Ways blog

Pez for your pet, found at any pet store like Petco or Petsmart

A two glass set for you & your dear pet, found at

I hope you are having a great weekend with your own furry or furless friend! I know Porkchop can’t wait to go to the park again today & play with his new Frisbee he got last weekend!

Porkchop & his new frisbee

peace & love,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Would You Judge My Books???

So when I was looking around for books by the foot (for a project at work), I spotted these pictures & thought that is a fantastic idea. I am obsessed with color & color coordinating things. I’ve debated on whether I should color code my closet but I have so many clothes I might just drown in clothes if I attempt that!

Above Photos are from Books by the Foot

It makes me chuckle a little when I showed my boyfriend, James, pictures of the idea and he just couldn’t bare to have his books mixed up like that. He wanted it by category, not by color. Our ways of sorting books are a definite way of how we are…I am more of the artistic type & him, well, he is the philosopher (as he likes to put it).
However, I just can’t resist color coordinating my books one day, when I have enough books. Hopefully, I will win him over by then!
I found this picture awhile ago it was my first inspiration

Picture from Reiko-This was another photo I was inspired by..I want that chair too!

Photo from Harmonious Living

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Tumblr

Photo taken in a bookstore from another design blog

Photo from
Having your books displayed by color really can create a whole other piece of artwork in your room. It creates a focal point & in turn draws you in to read a pretty little book.

What is your opinion in this debate? Are you a person who likes your clothes by season or by color? Your books by category, author, or what shade they are?

peace & love,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yummy Enough to Wear?

I hope everyone had a restful weekend...I think it could have been a little bit longer though! However, over the weekend I rediscovered (by going through all of my read emails) some really cute & fun handmade rings. They are for those special occasions or just when you want to add a little "spice" or "sweetness" to your outfit.

These rings are designed by SouZou Creations in Japan & can be bought online from Etsy, at a cost varying from $8 to $20. The rings are on a silver tone adjustable band that fits most sizes, they even carry a few sizes for children. They make the rings out of many types of plastic, metal, glass, & ceramic.

Also, if you are interested they sell earrings too!

Children Size

I think the designs (they should really be called artwork!) are worth the price & probably the wait. The rings are highly original & are very detailed, right down to the decorated bottles and plates! What do you think? A little too much or just the cutest accessories ever?

peace & love,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Keepin it Green

Since some of us celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday, I thought I would share some green treats and ideas with you! The following sweet items are inspired by nature, incorporate living plants or are environmentally friendly.

Succulents used as live artwork photo from Elle Decor

Little Field of Flowers by plush pod made of felt leaves comes in 3 colorways purple, green, & red

Low Tables Tupilak top in enamelled metal by Bleu Nature

mansion planter by puremodern

Griffith Bronze Iron Floor Lamp Woven Recycled Newsprint Shade from Arteriors

Textile & kraft paper softseatings by Molo, a Canadian company. The textile seating is made from a non-woven textile material that is water-repellant and the kraft paper seating is made entirely from heavy weight fire retardant kraft paper.

Bath mat made out of moss that soaks up the water faster than your regular terry cloth mat.

Owl floor lamps from designlush

Blackened Steel Chandelier with Slots from John Houshmand

Furniture from Furnibloom a Scandinavian Company

Ferpas Wall Sculpture - Square with Aluminum Details BY Rotsen Furniture

Stilletto Planter form Etsy

bright woods LED furntiure

Vertical garden on the outside of a building

Whenever I can I try to incorporate green design into the projects we do. Whether it be through fabric or how and where a piece of furniture is produced, it can make a difference!

I hope you found some inspiration or motivation to try to be a little greener...whether it be recycling, buying a great lamp that's eco-friendly, or buying some plants to hang on the wall instead of the mass produced art that's in any decor section.

peace & love,