Sunday, July 31, 2011

Makin the Gritty Pretty! (Sunday Snapshot #5)

I thought this art installation was too inspiring not to share!

Adding colorful pieces of fabric where dirt should be...why not?!? That is exactly what Juliana Santacruz Herrera decided to do. She thought the streets of Paris were too gloomy so she decorated the city potholes with colorful strips of fabric! These were placed randomly in shallow breaks and cracks, creating a fun & colorful change in the landscape. The artist’s visual intervention brings a happy touch to the gray streets of Paris & creates a appealing contrast with the dark cement.

photos via freshome

Have a colorful & beautiful Sunday!

peace & love,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Heat Bringing Color Inspiration #2

So I found this image on a website I frequently use & I thought it was a wonderful project for me to do sometime this Summer. Especially with this awful Texas heat....26 days & counting with the temperatures reaching triple digit numbers! Also, I think it would be pretty easy to do with a hair dryer if you don't have really hot summers...lucky you!

melting crayons in summer via pintrest

All you need is to get a canvas that is framed, a box of crayons, & heat. You attach the crayons however you want in a straight line (this picture shows a rainbow effect, but you could even have all monochromatic crayons or just a couple crayon colors) at the top of the framed canvas. Then you can either sit it outside & wait for the wax to melt or take a hair dryer to the crayons! After that you can hang your colorful masterpiece up on your wall!

peace & love,

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I just wanted to share a beautiful picture of one of my favorites flowers...peonies. They make me reminisce about my childhood home. We had a row of beautiful peonies in shades of pink in our front yard. The smell of them always gets me. Plus, they are gorgeous to look at with their delicate petals that effortlessly float in the air. Enjoy my treat.

photo via jen ramos

peace & love,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Paint Sample Fun!

Here are some colorful candies to be inspired by...

Do you have so many paint samples that you can make a whole paint deck? Or do you have some whole paint decks from school that you got for free, but don't use...that sounds familiar. Well I have found some fantastic ways to reuse all those pesky paint chip samples you have laying around the house from all your past projects...or in my case future ones!!!

Wallpaper via google images
Wallpaper via Pintrest

dot & shredded ”paintings” by artist Peter Combe

DIY artwork via design4u
Color Inspiration or a  border in kids room via pintrest

Tablecloth via anthropologie

Design a pattern on a piece of furniture under glass via pintrest

Paint chip garland via pintrest
Paint chip mobile via design4u

Gift name tags via pintrest

Note pad or use for a list via pintrest

Name place cards for colorful dinner parties via borders magazine

Paint Chips behind a frame becomes a dry erase calendar via pinterest

Wall treatment inspired by paint chip samples via google

Kate Spade Window Design
Add a dash of color while biking down the are sure to be noticed!
photo via pintrest

I hope I have inspired you to make something beautiful with your paint samples and add a bit of delicious color to your everyday life!!! Have a wonderful & colorful weekend!

peace & love,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Patterns!

Injecting a tasty pattern into your room is a great way to add interest and express your personality. From large surfaces to smaller accessories, ranging from applications that require a serious commitment to items that allow you to simply test a new look, here are 10 great ways to introduce pattern to your home.

While this requires a long-term relationship, adding pattern through delightiful tiles in a kitchen can become the cherry on the top!

patterned backplash via houzz
Consider adding a delectable print to an accent wall or an entire room by hanging a favorite wallpaper or painting a yummy design.

photo via Apartment Therapy

photo via decorpad
With flooring being one of the most expensive surfaces in a home, I'd advise there be absolute certainty that this is the one. But if it is, a patterned floor such as this is both unique & dramatic.

bright blue patterned floor via cocokelley blog

gorgeous yellow patterned floor via pintrest

A bold geometric, striped or floral area rugs can transform a space. With endless options on the market today at a wide range of prices, there are yummy matches for many budgets.


rug from West Elm

A timeless way to bring both pattern & warmth into a space is by selecting a scrumptious favorite fabric to be made into panels at the your windows. Nothing makes a room feel more finished. Why not risk a little to go bold?

both patterned drapes via houzz

With an upholstery job rarely totaling anything less than expensive, selecting a bold fabric to cover key pieces of furniture requires serious love. But if the attraction is there, look at what the result can be.

photo via

DIY herringbone pattern from Martha Stewart

Stray Dog Side Table at West Elm

DIY Headboards have become all the rage & are made even better when a yummy print is used. Plus, the headboard can easily be recovered with another tasty fabric!

patterned headboards via pintrest

A big trend is to bring color & pattern into a room through lampshades. Such an approach to bringing in pattern requires very little commitment, & is therefore a great place to start if not accustomed to living with bold pattern.

lampshade via homedecor2u

lampshades via pintrest

Shy of bold pattern & color? Start with the most popular item through which to introduce these elements into a room. With so many affordable & delicious designs out there, you are sure to find endless options to tempt you.

patterned pillows from Pier1

Do you want a serious amount of pattern in a space, but are not ready to cover the walls? Try boldly designed bedding, which can have an impact on a bedroom without the commitment.

blocked tulip duvet cover and pillows from west elm

After you decide where to tackle with your choice of pattern, layer them in a delicious way because without layering it tends to give an impersonal, unwelcoming space kind of feel to your home.

While layering patterns works with walls, floors, upholstery, ceilings, window coverings & accessories, it's best to take baby steps when first trying it out. That being said, I recommend starting with pillows, then working your way up. Remember layering patterns involves four main elements: color, scale, shape & texture. So choose wisely & have a yummy time!

peace & love,

Friday, July 15, 2011

I could use a Vacay...

After this looong week...seriously, did it not seem like this particular week went on forever?! I would say I need to get away & be refreshed! Now if only I had the money for a nice long getaway…

Conrad Hotels & Resorts in the Maldives, a chain of atolls located about 250 miles south of India, might just do the trick for me especially that inner mermaid in me. This one hotel is not any ordinary hotel. It is underwater…that’s right, under the ocean! You can have a bite at their underwater restaurant, then stay the night in the underwater hotel bedroom. Can you imagine waking up with the Indian Ocean & all its sea life floating around you? It might be too much for some being claustrophobic, but you can always sleep in the huts above the gorgeous water.

Photos Via Conrad Hotels & Resorts Website

The Maldives are known for their strikingly beautiful waters & for being the lowest country in the world because on average, the land is only about two feet above sea level. Maybe with the rising sea level this is the way wave (that’s right I went there) of the future?

peace & love,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'll Take a Summer Spritzer Please...

photo via hostess with the mostess blog

Summer entertaining is easy. Thanks to the beautiful sunshine, impromptu parties with friends & family can happen anywhere — from your backyard, patio, & deck to picnics at the park, pool, or beach. Or if you're like me & have no outdoor space, you can simply open the windows & whip up a batch of sangria in your home for a summer soiree indoors! These candy colored drinkware tools, serving pieces, & cocktail accessories can add a little bit of style & a festive feel to any delicious gathering you have this summer!

Jet Set Coasters Set by Jonathon Adler

Enamel Serving Set from Jonathon Adler

Peace Glassware by Zgallerie

Paper Straws from Bake It Pretty

16 oz water container that fold up when empty by Vapur
This is a step in the right direction with water bottle pollution

Recycled Juice Glasses by Canvas Home Store

Ribbon-Tailed Pennants
Photo via Houzz

Mod Animals Divided Tray & Glassware from Jonathon Adler

Orange Chill Salad Bowl with Servers from Crate & Barrel

candy colored glassware set by Vivre

Sleek Yellow Citronella Torch from Crate & Barrel for those pesky lil mosquitos at night

Solar Powered Radio by Kirkkerland for picnics at the park

 Have a great rest of the weekend! Hopefully you can get outside & enjoy the summertime!

peace & love,