Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dipped in Chocolate

I recently have noticed alot of items being dipped in yummy colors of paint. Most of the items are antiques being refreshed & given a new look with painted on the chair backs or just the tips of their legs.

This dipping technique makes the traditional set, which might otherwise not mesh well in this modern loft setting, instead look right at home. Both of the two above pictures are from houzz

photo via materia designs

Japanese Urushi spoons

superior servers by ladies and gentle men studio

dipped glassware from design within reach

I would think it would be pretty simple to achieve this effect on your old outdated items too. Even if you can't actually dip the items, you could use a taping technique. You would just tape off the top of your chairs & paint them a clean white, or go for a visual punch with hot pink, peacock blue or any other bright color. I could see this trick working to unify a mismatched assortment of chairs.

I kind of want to try it out on my plain wooden tv trays to give them an artistic look instead of being just the cookie cutter tv trays. I of course would use bright yummy colors, although the neutal colors are just as yummy!

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