Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Heat Bringing Color Inspiration #2

So I found this image on a website I frequently use & I thought it was a wonderful project for me to do sometime this Summer. Especially with this awful Texas heat....26 days & counting with the temperatures reaching triple digit numbers! Also, I think it would be pretty easy to do with a hair dryer if you don't have really hot summers...lucky you!

melting crayons in summer via pintrest

All you need is to get a canvas that is framed, a box of crayons, & heat. You attach the crayons however you want in a straight line (this picture shows a rainbow effect, but you could even have all monochromatic crayons or just a couple crayon colors) at the top of the framed canvas. Then you can either sit it outside & wait for the wax to melt or take a hair dryer to the crayons! After that you can hang your colorful masterpiece up on your wall!

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