Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artistic Accessories

Happy Saturday!

Today I don't know what it is, but I have some money burning a hole in my pocket! Yes, I did just sound like my mother... Anyway, I went to Ikea, which was fantastic in itself, but now I am looking at jewelry online! While looking through my findings, I thought I would share some of the really nice accessories that could be considered art themselves! I hope you enjoy these little yummy treats!

Tiffany & Company's Torque Step Bangle designed by one of my favorite Architects, Frank Gehry
I am obsessed with his whole collection!


Jung Eeeun stone necklaces in his droppings collection inspired by wax dropping from a candle

Jung Eeeun rings in his droppings collection were inspired by wax dripping from a candle

Anthony Roussel rings made from cork or wood
photo via design milk

Anthony Roussel bracelets made from cork or wood
photo via design milk

Alisa Miller honeycomb line of jewelry is incredible

Grain Designers Chelsea Green and James Minola came up with the electric love ring

NoMilk Today by Eva made from polymer clay jewelry

Mutewatch is a Swedish company in Stockholm designed a simple, intuitive watch that doesn’t even look like a watch at all. It's a sleek, plain bracelet-like design doesn’t function until you tap the flat surface. Then an LED touchscreen will light up & you can swipe through its different functions: clock, alarm, & timer.

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