Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turning off the lights.

Architects envision delicious decorative spaces, but sometimes forget about the design details that all homes have – such as electrical outlet plates & light switch covers. They are the jewelry of your home & should be given more thought. I have found a couple wonderful designs that are a far cry from those boring white rectangles you can get at the big box stores. These switches & outlets can complete any home & would add a tasty cherry-on-the-top effect to your room!

Like smooth pebbles, Elo  switches & outlets are available in a variety of finishes.
They also come in push-button, two-way switch, or socket styles.
photo via Dornob

Lomax clear plate outlet & switch from Forbes.
This clever camouflage idea requires no magic cloak, just a transparent material & some technology, which even hides the switch screws & other associated hardware tucked invisibly inside the walls themselves.

Wall plates that do double duty by Justin Porcano
It is a multi-functional light switch extension plate that allows users to hang keys, jackets, & mail. It can also act as the cover for the electric switch & the plates can be installed using just the existing screw holes.

 Like a little real-life snow globe, interior scenes are captured in real time & reflected as a miniature world for you to view before you decide to turn & enter. Hideyuki Nakayama designed these unique openers with UNION.  

These switches are from Basalte & are based on the length & type of touch applied to the surface. A light touch simply turns a lamp or lighting fixture on or off. A long touch can brighten or dim a given light; touching multiple quads in the more complex variants lets you adjust lighting in multiple areas at one time.

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