Friday, December 9, 2011

Fragrances of the Holidays

Who says you can have too many sweets?!?

This time of year the air is filled with the aroma of cookies baking, warm pies just getting out of the oven, & Grandma's yumy rolls! Here is a couple ideas to stir up your sweet treat aromas around the house!

these are my kind of cookies!
photo via 'feelin frosty' tumblr

A simple centerpiece add just a touch of Holiday cheer to any setting
 photo via Houzz

Set up a Hot Chocolate Station for guests & yourself to enjoy all season long!
photo via houzz

descorate with candy!
photo via midwest living

make a gingerbread house & set it out for display...& temptation!
photo via pinterest
I hope you enjoyed my sweet treats! Make time to bake cookies & hommade breads or enjoy a holiday treat this season...after all it's all about the yummy things in life! Have a delicious day!

peace & love,

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