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Designing for Couples: Tips for a Cozy & Content Home

With Valentine's Day coming up I wanted to give some great tips on decorating your space with your other half!

Embroidered sheets from West Elm
Rarely does a couple completely agree on design style & finding a happy medium elements. I am lucky that my other half & I have the same taste when it comes to design. He lets me do the decorating...seeing as it's my job he can't really put up a fuss can he?

However, with other couples the solutions could be purely aesthetic, such as mixing hard lines with soft accents, & others are just practical. Supplying plenty of separate storage, generously proportioned upholstery, & minimizing the impact of flat screens are just a few well-used solutions to keeping a happy home!

Tuxedo Arm Sectional from Restoration Hardware
Sectionals are perfect for lounging with your significant other...without the need to fight for optimum comfort.

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 A neutral color palette with yummy pops of color & clean lined furniture is a winning combo -- not too feminine or masculine. Integrating wood tones or textured fabrics will help the space feel cozy.

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Tastefully incorporate your man's hobby by hanging one piece rather creating a theme room. I have managed to keep my boyfriend's band posters to a minimum of two!
Most people say you should mix modern upholstery (for him) with accessories that add warmth & character (for her), such as patterned rugs, baskets, & throw pillows with pops of color. However, I love more modern furniture than my boyfriend so luckily it works out!

Look for deep sofas (38 - 45") like this one above from Vibieffe for top-notch movie cuddling.

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His and Hers nightstands are a MUST! They provide ample room for books and many water glasses, James loves to leave his water cups everywhere! Two bedside lamps also allow for greater flexibility if one person wants to stay up and finish a chapter in a book.

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You can have a decent sized TV in the living room without overwhelming the space. Integrate your flat screen into built-ins, or use an armoire to hide it when not in use.

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Separate clothing storage will help maintain a harmonious bedroom! Plus, it keeps each other accountable for their own messy closet!

I hope this has inspiried or helped you to create a fun space for all! Have a great Valentine's day with your loved ones!!

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