Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello World!!

Well here goes nothing...My first blog!

I have been toying around with getting my own blog for awhile now and I finally decided I need somewhere and someone to share every inspiration with, besides my wonderful boyfriend...I am sure he pays attention to every magazine page I ripe out or when I make him look at my phone when I come across something unusual, but this is a fun way to let the world know my obsessions and sweet findings in this beautiful world!

Photo from designers guild

I find myself reading design blogs when I am wanting to find something fun & new or when I want to take a break from work...then I go to the related posts, links, & other's favorite blogs until I get into the blogoshpere so deep that I don't know how I got there! It is so addicting & it just captivates me for hours on end! Anyways, that's what I hope to do for you...captivate you!
So join me on my random & spastic journey...I look forward to the future & I hope that you will stay awhile! :-)

peace & love,


  1. Lindsey, this is such a great idea! When I'm board I scour the net looking for interesting design blogs and anything related to art or fashion or color... I always thought it would be too much work putting together a blog so I'm excited to see what you put together. I think of color like candy for the soul and your header reminds me of Tricia Guild books. Have you heard of her? Anyway, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Berkeley! I am so excited...i have so many things to say but i hope they all come out ok! lol I didn't think i could write a blog but i thought i could sure try! I haven't heard of Tricia Guild...i will look her up though!

    ps- That is a good way of thinking about color! I definitely agree! :-)