Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Peachy

Today at work I was going through paint colors and I found a brochure about 2011 color collections. This one called “Gentle Medley” caught my eye and reminded me of spring...please hurry up and get here! Plus, it was pretty gloomy here in Dallas today, so to offset that I thought I would share my spring color treats!

I have seen from various blogs and a couple paint companies (like this Sherwin-Williams color story inspired by vintage florals, dragonfly and butterfly motifs, mismatched flea market finds, maps, and hand tinted photos) that the spring 2011 colors are taking a nod from the past.

"Gentle Medley" by Sherwin Williams 2011

These colors also found their way into some spring collection of designers. It has always interested me how interior design and fashion have played off of each other too. (I also loved those Kravet advertisements that played with the fashion inspiration for the upholstery fabric they were trying to sell)

It all seems to have taken a nostalgic corner with bringing the pastel colors and patterns of the 40’s & 50’s back and revamping them to make them modern again. It is a refreshing palette and I am falling in love with it!

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