Saturday, March 26, 2011

Design Gone to the Dogs...

Today I was looking for pet houses online. I don’t know why because Porkchop, our Pointer/Lab Cross Breed 6 month puppy, doesn’t need a dog house…just a dog bed I still haven’t got around to making.

Well, I came across some fabulous alternatives to that boring pet house everyone has seen. Plus, I found some other interesting designs for pets that some of you might want to nab them up for your own pet!

Above three photos are from Sustainable Pet Design.
Sustainable Pet Design combines green design, healthy living, non-toxic paints
and your pet to create this sustainable
Greenrrroof Animal House.

Cubix Dog House designed by Best Friend's Home inspired by the bauhuas style

Both of the two above photos are from Piepod.
These homes aren't just for dogs, they can be for your rabbit, cat, ferret, etc.

Modern homes for your pet. Photo from SomoMag

The two above photos are from Hepper & can be used
as beds or bowls when you take them apart.

Fish Condos from Umbra, now they can live in style!

Doca pet square meal bowls, photo from Six Different Ways blog

Pez for your pet, found at any pet store like Petco or Petsmart

A two glass set for you & your dear pet, found at

I hope you are having a great weekend with your own furry or furless friend! I know Porkchop can’t wait to go to the park again today & play with his new Frisbee he got last weekend!

Porkchop & his new frisbee

peace & love,

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