Monday, April 11, 2011

Something to Sit on

I love furniture. But really who doesn’t?

What I really love is the crazy & funky chairs you don’t usually see. You know the ones either tucked under a few things in the antique store from the 60’s or 70’s, the era when I should have been born, or the chair that jumps right out of the magazine at you. If you are like me, it begs you to buy it & if you had the money you would even if you didn’t have a corner to put it in.

Well, I have compiled some chairs that I have discovered whether out at showrooms, flipping through magazines, or searching websites. Here are my sweet finds & I hope you find them just as delicious, or at least tempting, as I did when I saw them! Enjoy my first installment of fun chairs!

"Living Chair" by Vladimir Tsesler

This little beauty was in a store & I LOVED it! I would have bought it if it wasn't so darn expensive!

I saw these chairs in a magazine article & this picture became my painting inspiration for my tv trays!

The "Holly Chair" by Sintesi reminds me of a modern take on the Louis XIV chairs

Thermosensitive Swamp Chair by Nuno Erin
This chair is made out of Yellow velvet & other colorful material scraps

Mendocino Settee from Century Furniture with fabric from the Beatles Collection at Lee Jofa on the back

Glamorous Pink Chairs by Sicis Next Art

"Cargo Chair"designed by Stephan Schulz

One of the 2011 Chairs called "The Octopus Chair"

Wooden Wing Back chair that I took a picture of at the Walter Lee Culp showroom

"Twist Chair" design by Stefan Heiliger

"Bouquet Chair" designed by Tokujiin Yoshioka

All living chairs made out of arcylic, soil, & plants; photos from Dornob
A true "Lawn Chair" that also happened to win the nineteenth Golden Compass, a prestigious award for Italian design by Andrea Sanna and Giorgio Robino
It's nothing but a cardboard skeleton to be filled with earth on which to plant the seeds that come with the kit.

peace & love,

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