Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg-xtra Special Design

Well since it is getting close to Easter & every store is selling rabbits, little baby chicks, or pastel colored eggs, I thought I would share some egg-inspired d├ęcor myself. Here is a couple objects that have been inspired by one of those not-so-pastel eggs. Enjoy!

Egg Shaped House called blob VB3 is a mobile unit for your Backyard by Belgian architectural firm dmvA

Seeds are already in this pot all you have to do is crack the top of the “egg” with a spoon, water the seeds, & wait for the plants to grow!

Ovetto Recycling Bin designed by italian architect, designer, & art director Gianluca Soldi. It is named after italian word for egg, ovetto,& is made out of recycled polypropelene.

"Egg Chair" from Mod Prop

Gentoo concept car uses no fossil fuels at all. It also uses self balancing technology & powered by a lithium battery. So, it really is meant to be cute & really nice to look at.

Bouchti Amin's egg-like basin; photo from design blog

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