Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Pop of Color...

Just a real quick post…

I saw this concept car online a little bit ago & thought it was the cutest thing! Of course the pink color had me at hello but, the bug/ space car (what a mix huh?) look kept me interested. Kia came up with this full-electric concept car & the name of the car, "Pop", is just as cute as the stylish car itself. It seats three people & was unveiled at the Paris motor show last September (I know I am kind of late on this one!). The Pop recharges in 6 hours with 87mph top speed & a 100-mile range. It is relatively tiny, measuring just 3 meters long. It also has LED head & tail lights which adds to the chic design of the concept car. It even has a great color story! I think this one contends with the Smart car as my next choice of a car...

Look at the doors too!

The beautiful interior

The LED headlights

One of the main features is this glass roof

The back side of the pretty little thing

A side view of this futuristic mini car...even the tires are fantastic!

So what do you think? Is it back to the future with this little concept car? I think it is. It's the way of the future, at least city driving, for cars like the Pop. Europe has been doing it for awhile now so why can't the United States catch on? I hope Kia actually puts this one into manufacturing!

Well, that is my sweet treat for you.
Hope you have a great Wednesday...this week is half over! :-)

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