Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

As a kid, I loved to paint with those simple Crayola watercolor paint sets. I guess since then I have been enamored with watercolors.

Images above:
1 & 2 both are children's paintings. 3. World map watercolor by Michael Tompsett.

I've been seeing watercolors in a lot of places lately, fashion, photography, home goods, paper, etc. I love the softness it adds to even a bold image. I'm dying to do a project which incorporates this technique.

Examples shown above are (from the top right):
1. Leaf Umbrella Duvet by Masha D’yans.  2. Multi-Colored Watercolor Flowered iPhone cover sold at Coveroo.  3. Wallpaper image via Rosel & Greene.  4. Watercolor brushstrokes of branches & leaves make for a pretty wall treatment by Anthropologie.  5. David Stark brushstroke dinnerware from West Elm.  6. Painters Melamine Collection from West Elm.  7. Louis Vuitton Watercolored Monogram purse.  8. Brazilian swimsuit designer, Rosa Cha’s watercolor maillot, available at Anthropologie.  9. Painterly floral wedges by Dries Van Noten.  10. Cross-body bag with watercolor print by Diesel.  11. Dress by Dennis Basso.  12. Water splash pillow by West Elm.  13. Paint palette pillo by CB2.  14. Pillow from Bluebellgray Textiles.  15. Pillows by Bluebellgray Textiles.  16. Designers Guild fabric pattern called “Tempera” in Multicolor/fuchsia.  17. Watercolor patterned fabric via Print & Pattern blog.  18. Calandria Armchair by Anthropologie.  19. Antique Watercolored Arm Chair via Google.

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