Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where did I put my shoes?!

If your like me, you could never find enough storage for your things. I am always in need of a place to put my shoes (& all my clothes I wear haha), a bookcase to store my books, & something to cramp all those knickknacks I acculmulate over the years. Container store can work wonders sometimes, I mean i get lost even just looking how many colors their hangers come in. However, if you want an unusual way to store your things then you are out of luck.Well, I have stumbled upon these tasty little storage ideas that might just do the their own odd way.

 Cacnews Magazine Holder by Sintesi

Image via Dornob

minimalist-ceiling-storage-space image via new house of art

exhibit-shelving-book-storage_via dornob

plant and fruit storage designed by Mans Salomonsen

Photo from woodengoods blog



Sintesi- Sapien Table

Designed by Eve Alessandrini & Roberto Saporiti
photo from designer blog

via good ideas

Storage-Ideas-Contemporary-Curved-Stands from best home news

I hope you saw some interesting storage ideas for your things. I know I really want the floor-to-ceiling staircase that you can step on to get to the top! It looks slightly dangerous though!

Now I think I have been inspired to go organize my closet... 

peace & love,

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