Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot #3

Here is a dazzling Sunday treat for you that is even brighter than your regular old firework!

The Texas-based artist Gabriel Dawe creates sculptures out of multi-colored thread. Dawe is trained in graphic design, & he debuted the sculpture at Dallas Contemporary last fall through this past January, it was part of the Plexus series. This latest installation, Plexus No. 4, has more than 50 miles of thread winding through the air. The thread is strung up on wooden planks to form floating, rainbow-colored sculptures.

If I had an actual design studio, time to make a design based off of this, & no hyper puppy, this would be a really great addition to my home.

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I hope this little treat was as tasty as a red, white & blue rocket popsicle! I hope everyone has a safe, fun, & fabulous 4th of July!!!

peace & love,

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