Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Graffiti: Dare to tag your home with urban edginess!

Looking for a funky addition for your space?

Consider graffiti. Its unconventional color groupings & pop-art vibes will bounce off your home's walls. As graffiti's popularity as an art form grows, people are hiring graffiti artists to create colorful murals in their rooms & framing graffiti posters to place around the home; some even pick up a spray can & create their own graffiti masterpiece!

No matter how the paintings take form in your home, graffiti evokes an urban feel more than any other art form. If you're ready to pierce your habitat with these edgy notes of the street, take a look at the following for some inspiration.

This media room has a layering graffiti effect, kind of like the real streets. A first layer of graffiti was painted directly on the wall. Then, framed graffiti was added on top of it. These pieces were done by designer Gioi Tran.
This eclectic dining room uses graffiti as a backdrop. Graffiti can step up any room because of its bold aesthetic & can be an inspiration for the other pieces or colors in the room.

Graffiti doesn't have to be only in garish colours & 'in-your-face' images...using softer colors & an abstract design can have a more contemporary effect.

To inject some of your own personality into the graffiti, spray paint words in a creative way onto the canvas. 

Framed graffiti pieces are a great alternative for those people that don't want to commit to a whole wall. Use it in conjunction with more subdued elements, so as not to overwhelm the room.  

This piece by Jennifer Sanchez is a mix of graffiti & graphic design in a gorgeous group of colors. It would look great in a black or white room, as either would allow the pink & yellow to really pop.

Here are some accessories that have that urban feel and would bring graffiti into the room in another way than art.

Stroll with graffiti on hand with this eye-catching Tumi carry-on featuring
the work of graffiti artist John Matos

For a twist on the graffiti theme, opt for a graffiti cocktail shaker.
It's a fun & creative way of introducing street art into your home

This coffee table, by John Beck Steel & Paper,
has a graffiti feel & could be a statement piece in any modern space

This colorful custom coffee table resembles a different graffiti.
The more you sand down & beat up the table,  the colorful it looks.
You never have to worry about pesky scratches because they add to the table!

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