Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Color Inspiration #4

Hello all! I hope you are having a bright & cheery Wednesday!! I am bringing you all my fourth installment of color inspiration today on the 4th day of this brand new year- I hope everyone had a beautiful New Years!

Recently, I have been researching & finding pictures for a potential project in Austin, TX. This particular project is near to my heart because, well I am part hippie...or like to think I am anyway. Back to the story, everyone here at the design firm I work at have to contribute 15 total images that we think represent Austin. Everyone thinks of longhorns, UT, & music such as ACL & SXSW. However, when I hear Austin I think arsty, hippies, food trucks, & being one with nature. So on my quest to discover unique images I found a couple images down in Austin of a couple trees that had been "knit bombed" by Knitta Please (learn more about the group here).

Knit Graffitti by Knitta Please
photos via Pinterest
Has anyone heard of this "knit bombing" or "yarn bombing"? I didn't know it was called that before my research but, I have noticed every once in awhile when I go to Micheals craft store the columns in front are covered in knit. I think this concept of making street graffiti a little more warm & cozy is a fabulous idea! Plus, it brings a little inspiring color into the world! I kind of touched on this subject a while back with parisian potholes were being decorated by activist Juliana Santacruz Herrera- check my post out here.

Without further anticipation, here are a couple "knit bombing" episodes I find inspiring!

Have a happy colorful day!

peace & love,

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