Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making the Design Leap of Faith

Happy leap year day!

With today being a leap year day, I was inspired to think about designs that seem to rely on a leap of faith. Whether good or bad, these designs are captivating & cause a second glance.

Sculptures in the home can be a compelling accessory with texture and personality. These branches certainly do all three
The designer and client was likely aiming to conserve visual space while making a contemporary impact with this glass staircase
the Art Nouveau staircase
This room has a serious wow factor that has made it popular on Houzz It has a floor that looks down to the basement wine cellar
Walls filled with artwork and photographs make for focal points that truly personalize a space
No need to accessorize a fireplace with artwork when the fireplace is a piece of art itself
u ever considered a waterfall in place of ur sink faucets- The designer had a unique vision here, and I think it works
A shower smack dab in the center of the bathroom is definitely a design leap of faith even if a clear enclosure ensures that it doesnt visually impede the flow
Marrying a waterfall and a table kills two birds with one stone, particularly handy if you’re short on space
The NHOW Hotel in Berlin went the extra mile to catch guests attention with bold color choices.
unusual seating captivates you as you walk into this room
photo via a lovely being blog

Do you think these designs were fascinating or should the designers have looked more carefully before they leaped?

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