Thursday, March 3, 2011

La Bella, Ispirando Italia!

We just had a representative, rep for short, come in and show us all these gorgeous new leathers. She was also with the president of the comapny, Green Hides, and he was the nicest man with the cutest Italian accent! It made me miss Italy so much!

However, I can't really afford a flight over to the beautiful country of Italia right now. So I thought well, I will just bring Italy to me!

Italia is such an inspiring place...I studied abroad in Florence in the Summer of '07. It was an amazing opportunity and here are a few pictures that I took from my travels.

Just a few of the gorgeous buildings of Florence.....

Walking the streets of Frienze, Italia!

Yummmmmy treats!!!

Bellal Tuscana! From villas and gardens to wine & rolling vineyards, it was a sight to take in!

The cutest little Tuscan town ever....Pienza! It smelled of parmesan cheese...everywhere.

Cinque Terra, Italia! If you had to go to one place on the coast....I would suggest Cinque Terre. Gorgeous. Classic Italian. 

Back in Florence there was this fabric shop with the sweetest old man that will make my wedding dress someday...gorgeous fabrics literally fit for a queen...the queen of holland that is!

That was a nice trip down memory lane....
I feel a little better. I still wish I was there...Sigh. Soon enough!

Ok, now I feel obligated to cook some yummy pasta tonight for dinner....
we shall see!

peace & love,

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