Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lustful Lighting

Gone are the days when lighting was a background feature designed to showcase the rest of your home. Now, thanks to material & advances that make more affordable, versatile lighting, the way you light your home has become just as important as what’s being illuminated.

Here are a few of my top interesting lighting choices for inside or outside your home...

"Torn Lighting"
Each of the LED units is designed too like it is part of your room,
giving the illusion of the wallpaper peeling back to emit a steady glow.

"Book Lamp" design by Marti Guixe for Lujan Sicilia is made of books
& LED sources with chrome & acrylic elements

Module liquid floor tiles found at Bloom Lighting Company
& can be used for commercial or funky residential clients.
Designed by FlickMars for the NASA Hotel Lobby in Houston, TX
These are cool fiber optic lights that drape down toward the seating arrangement.
By Designlush these lighted space panels are made of white laquered fiberglass
with a chrome plated bulb.

"Cadmo Floor Lamp" by Artemide this lamp is so slick!
The almost 6' of smooth metal curves will surely make your house guests want one too!

Arteriors sells this Table Lamp that has almost a paint dripping effect.
It's simple but, makes an impact.

Designed by Bruce Munro and is formed of acrylic tubes containing
optical fibers but, not quite yet on the market.
LED pebble string lights 2" in diameter that are water rated
so you can use them around water.
Oluce Stone Outdoor Lamps would be very nice for a modern home.
You can find them at Ylighting.

I hope you were inspired by my lighting choices! If I could I would own all of these designs!

Well time to turn off the lights...at the office & go home!

peace & love,

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