Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Radical Rugs & Magical Mats

Awhile back on one of my apps called plethora, I saw this really interesting blog about rugs & carpets. I haven't really thought about it for awhile until recently one of my friends, & a fellow blogger, posted a familiar rug. So I thought I would do some looking around & share my sweet treats!

 "flying carpet" is a relaxing rolling terrain by modern tots

Once the sign of opulence and wealth, now rugs have become little more than something to wipe your feet on with the age of mass-production. Luckily these creative designs are not just taking up space beneath our feet, they are yummy pieces of art!! Which of these rugs would make you feel like a queen/ king.....or the jester?

Here are a few rugs that are inspired by Nature:

Clockwise from the Rocks above:
“Pebble Rug” by 2Form Design is made of an array of wool balls decorated to look like stone;
 “The Dialogue Carpet” by Yanko Design is made of paper yarn that can swallow you whole when you lay down on it; “Global Warming Rug” by NEL and their message about how our world is changing is quite clear with the felt polar bear all alone; “The Snowflake Rug” by Design Boom is formed of transparent plastic fibers woven together to simulate a snowdrift; “Faux Marked Rug” by Amazed reminds me of the footprints in the sand photograph;Studio Laurens Van Wieringen created “The Carpet Rug” (the name might need a little work) that is a series of colored ployurethane columns that makes it look like a relief landscape; I have always loved this carpet by Seyed Alavis called “Flying Carpet” it is at Sacramento Airport & if you walk the length of the carpet you will get an aerial view of the Sacramento River.

Have you ever had a morning that you wish you didn't have to go to work or that the coffee would make itself & magically appear at your night stand? Well, I have and mornings would be so much easier with these functional mats:
Left to Right:
“Wake Up and Walk" by Alarm might actually do that for you with a built-in clock and alarm that deactivates only when you step on it...slightly annoying for a person that likes to hit the snooze button a couple times...; Yanko Design came up with the next mat- you will wipe your worries of a cold floor away with this beside rug with built-in slippers!

These rugs were inspired by food...some yummy and some...well you can decide! They do bring a playfulness & a punch of color into any room!
Clockwise from the Furry Squares above:
This sheepskin patchwork rug by Great Outfit looks good even before you hear the name- "Chocolate Blocks" Now if the designers made it smell like chocolate I would be in serious trouble; "Sunny Side Up" by Blink Decor would cheer up any morning; "Freckle Rug" from Lark comes in these two gumball inspired colorways; The three "Salami" rugs are found at the EternallyCool website.

I would love to have that egg rug! I think it would be fun for a kids room someday but, that Freckle rug would be nice for me now though! Well, I hope you enjoyed the rugs and maybe found a unusual one that you would someday add to your home.

peace & love,

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