Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Color Palettes Reminiscent of Bubblicious Gum

Bubblicious bubble gum always put a smile on my face as a kid. The flavor (I always preferred Twisted Tornado!) was mouthwatering & the texture was perfect for making the biggest bubbles. These days, just looking at the wrapper at the checkout makes me smile. When I see spaces that have tangy, sweet, fun or bold colors I am reminded of those yummy Bubblicious flavors. All of the spaces below have fun & flirty color combinations deserving to be named after Bubblicious flavors! Enjoy my sweet finds & afterwards maybe go get yourself your favorite flavor of Bubblicious Gum!!!

Carnival Cotton Candy-
This room is filled with lots of pattern & fun color. My eye moves around the room, ceiling to floor, just like a kid in candy store!

Paradise punch-
The bold citrus colors like the greens, pinks, & oranges give this room a punch!

Mango Peach-
A warm mix of yellows, oranges, & reds make up a juicy conversation area.

Savage Sour Apple-
The tangy yellow-green & blue-green stripes on the wall create a bold backdrop for the light, airy bedding that has bits of other delicious colors.

Watermelon Wave-
The white & pink colors work well together. The addition of the bright green balconies gives it an extra bite.

Bubblegum Bursts-
The white walls are a nice backdrop to these yummy colors bursting throughout the room. The different colors add flavor to the room, rather than everything being one color with the white walls.

Sour Cherry Storm-
A combination of purple wallpaper, a whole bunch of red chairs, & dark grey-brown to create a poppin design storm

Sour Citrus-
The living area explodes with tangy tastes of orange & even has some silver to give it that extra sweetness!

Twisted Tornado-
The bold blacks & greys in the room balance all the bright colors

Gonzo Grape-
The purple helps ground the bold colors in this space & brings it all together for a bright dining room.

Strawberry Bomb-
The use of black & white furniture keeps the space focused on the rich, bold color just like the bubblicious flavor.

Blue Blowout-
The deep blue chairs alongside the deep purple pieces feel luxurious without any pattern. They pop against the lighter walls.


Strawberry Splash- 
Add a surprise pop of Bubblicious fun with plants and bright fruits scattered around the space.

What was your favorite flavor as a kid? I hope you found a delicious palette that you could be inspired by! Now go have a sweet weekend!

peace & love,

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