Monday, October 31, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Pumpkin...

Happy Halloween!

Now there is nothing like going to the pumpkin patch & picking out the best looking orange pumpkin you can find, but it seems like everyone likes to carve just a plain orange pumpkin & stick a candle in it. Here are a few festive & unusual pumpkins for a yummy Halloween or Thanksgiving party!

Stylist Liz Demos Took a Paintbrush Instead of the Usual Craving Tools
to These Great Silver Moon Pumpkins!

Photo via Country Living
Artfully Decorate Your Pumpkins in Gold & Silver for a Glittering Display
Photo via Country Living
This Blue Hubbard Pumpkin Got it's Theme From the China Pattern Underneath it.
Photo via House Beautiful

This pumpkin looks at home sitting under the tree that inspired its pattern.
Photo via House Beautiful
Take Inspiration from Your Clothes! This Applique was the
Perfect Inspiration for the Pumpkin Carvings.

Photo via Country Living

This Cinderella Pumpkin has Deep Reddish-Orange Skin & a Bright Orange Flesh,
Dramatically Evoking the Fabric Beneath it.

Photo via House Beautiful
Most of the above designs were created with linoleum-cutting tools ,
which can be used to carve a motif on the surface of the pumpkin,
rather than cutting all the way through.
*This gives off a warm glow when you put a candle
is inside the bottom of your cleaned out pumpkin!

Gorgeous White Silver Moon Pumpkins Line Each Side of the Staircase.
Photo via Delicate Creature

A Mix of White and Sage-Green Pumpkins Bring an Organic Feel
to This Very Traditional Butlers Pantry

Photo via Houzz
Lil Pump Variety of Pumpkins are Placed Among White Shabby Chic Decor
Photo via Houzz
Silver Moon Pumpkins Complete the Cream and White Color Scheme
in This Autumn Table Setting

Photo via Houzz

Gold Spray Painted Pumpkins Instantly Turns The Regular
Pumpkins into an Elegant Accessory

Photo via Houzz

Regular Pumpkin Decorated with Buttons & a Bow
Photo via Pinterest

My sister would love these cute decorated Owl Pumpkins!
Photo via Pinterest

& of course I had to add some Pink in here!
These Regular Orange Pumpkins are Spray Painted & Bedazzled!
Photo via PinkChocolate Blog
Flat Matte Craft Paint Coat These Regular Orange Pumpkins
Photo via CW Styling

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