Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot #7

Unleash your pooch’s inner Pollock with an Art-Casso paint kit for dogs (& kitties, too)!

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Each kit comes with five nontoxic paints, a few canvases, 3 small plastic cover sheets to prevent those inevitable messes...I know Porkchop would be running all over the place, a picture frame, & a small surprise toy. That sounds like a deal for just $20!

In just a few simple steps, your dog can unleash its inner artist & you will have a good time interacting with you pet as it creats a masterpiece you will cherish forever. You might not get Picasso-style strokes, but the paintings are still impressive on a fridge & the story to go with it isn't bad either. It also makes a great gift for any pet loving owner...I know a few people that might get this as a Christmas gift!
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